Authentic Cuban Music & Dance directly from Cuba

Shows & Performances from the centre of Latino World

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"Sexy, Sensual yet Elegant and Classy!" - Audience of Fiesta Cubana

Cuba (pronounced cooba as in cool in Spanish way) Rico introduces Cuba itself which offers so much fun to the world. There is music everywhere, any time and for all, listening, playing and dancing - it's Cuba. Clear blue skies, bright, strong sunshine, beautiful beaches and the turquoise ocean of the Caribbean. The famous holiday destination that Europeans dream of and the home of the world renowned Buena Vista Social Club. Beautiful dancers in stunningly colourful costumes, cigars, extravagant cabaret shows and fun times - we would like you to experience a real taste of Cuba with good old Cuban songs such as the Buena Vista collection, new Cuban and Latino hits and impressive dance numbers of a quality that is rarely seen.

Cuba Rico (formerly known as Baila Cuba) was founded in Cuba in order to introduce authentic Cuban music and dance culture to the World and it only consists of artists directly from Cuba. All have a minimum 2 years stage experience and are certified and endorsed as quality performers by the Cuban Institute of Music under the Ministry of Culture of Cuba. As a joint venture with the Ministry of Culture of Cuba we proudly offer shows that are 100% Cuban and 100% professional but not limited to Cuban material. Latin music is also one of our strong repertories as Cuba is the centre of the Latin World in the sense of music and rhythm. Classical and ballet also are famous aspects of Cuban art and culture and we will surprise you with our talent and capability to adopt and play international songs and dances.


Rico means rich, fun, tasty and delicious originally but it also has lots of different meanings such as nice and hot (slang) in Spanish. It is the atmosphere of Cuba, not only the music and the dance but the fun itself together with good old Cuban tradition that we would like to introduce to the world.

Lina Cruz, Founder, Producer & Director